The three European organisations EUROPATAT (potato trade), INTERCOOP EUROPE (Cooperative potato companies) and EUPPA (potato processing), constitute the European RUCIP committee and are responsible for RUCIP, the trade conditions for the potato trade which includes also a chapter for expertise and arbitration.

The first European trade conditions date from 1956 and were made up by the European wholesalers' association. This was the start of encoding the usages in the potato trade in a simple and efficient procedure for expertise and arbitration.

Since then, RUCIP has several times been modified (in 1972, 1986, 1993, 2000, 2006, 2012 and 2017), which resulted in a RUCIP which has been adapted to the demands of the trade and the technical evolution within the potato sector. The current version has become into force on 1 January 2017. All disputes concerning contracts made up after this date and referring to RUCIP will be treated according to this version.

It is important to stress that RUCIP is only applicable after clear mention of RUCIP on the front page of the contract which has been signed by all parties. Don't forget that RUCIP is subsidiary to the other contract conditions. They prevale to RUCIP.

When parties have signed a contract referring to RUCIP they resign to all other treatment of a dispute by a civil court, except when mentioned explicitly in a different way.

RUCIP contains 3 parts: trade rules, an expertise and an arbitration regulation.

Companies that wish to involve a RUCIP secretariat have to contact:

  • The national RUCIP-secretariat for an expertise at departure or an expertise after delivery or arbitration when the buyer is located in the country of the national secretariat.
  • The European RUCIP secretariat in Brussels when no national RUCIP secretariat is available in this country or in the case of an arbitration in the 2nd degree.

The overview of the national and European RUCIP secretariats can be found on European RUCIP website.