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Belgapom, the professional organisation of the Belgian potato trade and processing industry.

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Belgapom, a platinum sponsor of the EAPR congress 2014 in Brussels

09/07/2014 10:13 EAPR acts as the European association of the potato researchers and organises every 3 years an international congress where potato researchers from all over the world meet to share the results of...

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The weekly Belgapom quotation in the framework of the contracts

23/06/2014 16:18

Free market and contracts in the Belgian frozen fries sector

The weekly Belgapom quotation for early potatoes (July-August) and for Bintje and the observation for other varieties (storage season) provides a clear indication of the evolution of the free potato market for processing potatoes into frozen fries.

In addition, growers, trade and processing increasingly make use of production contracts that aim for greater stability in the price of raw materials.

The ratio between the two instruments to buy and sell potatoes can vary from one company to the next.

Both components must be taken into account in order to follow the evolution in the price of the raw materials.

That is why, starting from the 2014 harvest, the graph for the Belgapom quotation will also display the monthly evolution of the average contract price for trade and processing, in addition to the graph for the weekly Belgapom quotation.

Belgapom board member presents a cheque for €6,000 to Conpapa manager José Manuel Aushay Tuquinga.

23/06/2014 16:17

On the occasion of the UN International Year of the Potato in 2008 and in the context of a CSR (corporate social responsibility) commitment, Belgapom (the Belgian potato trade and processing association) opted for financially and practically supporting the small potato cooperation Conpapa in Chimborazo (Ecuador) in a sustainable way.

This project to assist these farmers in the Andes to overcome poverty by means of entrepreneurship was set up by the Trias NGO. Belgapom also supported Conpapa financially with a donation of €10,000 in 2012.

This cooperation underwent sustainable growth after repeated exchange with study visits between the Belgian potato chain (Belgapom, Farmers’ Association and the Flemish Association of Provinces) and the Ecuadorian Conpapa. X. Considerable progress was made in the field of culture, storage as well as local marketing, and therefore Trias envisages opportunities to set up various similar projects in poor Ecuador.

On 16 June a number of representatives of several Trias projects in Ecuador landed in Brussels and the delegation started its tour through Flanders in Veurne.

A perfect occasion to have the proceeds of the sponsoring of Belgapom board member Rik Tanghe’s walk (RTL-patat from Lauwe) officially presented to Conpapa managing director, José Manuel Aushay Tuquinga,.


This event took place in the premises of the potato company of Belgapom chairman Marc Seru in Veurne. Unfortunately, because of a previously planned holiday, Rik Tanghe could not be present personally. Therefore his son Rémy, who also works in the family business, was allowed to do the honours.

He presented the cheque to the value of €6,000 to Conpapa. These resources will be used to finance storage crates for the cooperation.

During this event Belgapom chairman Marc Seru confirmed that the cooperation between Conpapa and Belgapom will be further expanded sustainably in the context of the CSR project, which was underwritten by Belgapom and its companies. Thus he announced a cooperation between Belgapom and the Torhout/Houtland Rotary to start a new project together with the Bruynooghe company that is to be launched on the occasion of the next edition of Interpom Primeurs in Kortrijk XPO (23-25 November 2014).

Belgian potato processing industry in 2013 lagging behind previous year.

02/04/2014 13:04

The lower potato yield in 2012 – 2013 caused by the difficult growth and harvest conditions in Belgium and other European countries had its influence on the production figures of the Belgian potato processing industry.

Lower yields and delay in availability of early potatoes because of the exceptional cold spring of 2013 (on 31th of March 2013 we were still shoveling snow! ) ensured record high potato prices on the free market during the spring and summer of 2013.

As a consequence of the shrunk and expensive offer of potatoes, the figures of the Belgian potato processing industry had their first fall in the last decade: a fall of 105.000 tons processed potatoes compared with the previous year (-2,9 %).

It is remarkable that despite this, the share of frozen fries rises (+1,3 %). The fall concerns in the production figures of the refrigerated fries (-2,2 %) and other potato products (-2,2 %).

On the other hand, we notice an important increase in the investments (from € 71.000.000 to € 112.000.000 (which is the highest investment figure of the sector for the last decade), while also the employment figures have slightly increased (from 3.321 to 3.377 employees), which indicates a growth in capacity of the companies.

The season 2013-2014 knew a start with striking expensive raw material prices in the free market, partly as consequence of the announced harvest problems in Central- and Eastern-Europe. The increased share of contract farming on the one hand and the failure of the expected exports to the east on the other hand (a.o Russian federation), lead to a fall in potato price, which in its turn lead to an increase in production and export in the second half of 2013.