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Belgian fries steal the show at the Belgian World Expo pavilion in Milan!

08/06/2015 11:08 My name is Bint ... James Bint, and I have a license to fry! With these words every day thousands of fans of Belgian fries are welcomed to the chip shop of the Belgian pavilion at the World Expo in...

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The book : 'The potato in Belgium, land of fries' is for sale now !

13/06/2015 16:38

Belgapom, the Belgian potato trade and processig industry, and the editor Canalazzo, have jointly edited the wonderful book 'The potato in Belgium, land of fries'. 

This book gives an overview of the history of the potato in Belgium, from the Inca period in Peru over the Belgian 'frites shop' culture and the Belgian top restaurants and their chefs, till the worldwide export of frozen potato products and the future plans of this dynamic sector. The book offers a view over the complete potato chain.

The Belgian Queen Mathilde has received the first issue of this book during her visit of the World Expo in Milano, where the Belgian fries sector is present in the Belgian pavillon with a very successful fries shop and the new campaign with "James Bint".

The book is one to read and to look at, with wonderful illustrations and numerous testymonies from several angles.

The book is available via Belgapom at the price of € 29,95 + shipping costs, and is available in Dutch, French and English. This book has its place in the library of every potato professional and/or lover.