Belgapom: the Belgian potato trade & processing industry association.

Belgapom is the recognised association for the Belgian potato trade and processing industry. Its task is to defend the interest of the Belgian seed and consumption potato merchants, the prepackers, the exporters, the potato peeling industry and the potato processing industry.

Presentation Belgapom

A glance at the Belgian potato sector



Too Good To Go launches the national campaign “SOS Patat : save the potatoes, eat fries”

l The international NGO Too Good To Go, working on food losses prevention, has launched a national campaign to urge Belgians to buy and consume an extra portion of frozen pota...

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Early potatoes on the fresh market : why we also need imported earlies.

Consumers in Belgium will have noticed that in most supermarkets currently also packed early potatoes originating from the Mediterranean area are being offered. Also the Flemi...

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