Belgapom: the Belgian potato trade & processing industry association.

Belgapom is the recognised association for the Belgian potato trade and processing industry. Its task is to defend the interest of the Belgian seed and consumption potato merchants, the prepackers, the exporters, the potato peeling industry and the potato processing industry.

Presentation Belgapom

A glance at the Belgian potato sector



Belgapom organizes a high level potato event at the Belgian mission in China

In the framework of the Belgian economic mission to China, chaired by Princess Astrid of Belgium, Belgapom has organized a High Level Potato event in Beijing to activate a pos...

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Potato storage … entering a new era as of the 2020-2021 season!

The European Commission recently decided to revoke approval for chlorpropham (CIPC) a substance long known, on the basis of a report that was published on the website of EFSA ...

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